How To Have A Hedge Fund In Your Email Box

How To Have A Hedge Fund In Your Email Box
Photo by Patrick Weissenberger / Unsplash

I used to run hedge funds and manage money for hedge funds.
For example, Goldman Sachs gave me money twice but turned me down the third time.
The first time they gave me money it was millions of dollars. I made them a bunch of money.
But I had to stop due to other commitments.
I came back a few years later and they gave me even more money due to the success of the first tranche. Again, I made then a bunch of money. But, once again, I had to stop trading for them due to other commitments. Oh well.
Finally I had the opportunity to ask them for money for the third time. I was very confident they would give me even more money. By now, I knew the staff very well and was on a first name basis with them. They asked for my recent track record.
But this time they shocked me and turned me down! I was stunned!
I had made so much money for them it was insane.
So I asked them why they turned me down.
They said my track record was too highly correlated with Louis Bacon. (Go ahead. Google him.) Well, Bacon is one of the greatest traders of all time.
I was still dumbfounded. Don’t you want two Bacons? Wouldn’t it be great to have two great traders?
But they thought having one Louis Bacon was enough and turned me down.
I mean if you are going to be rejected could you have a better reason? To be compared to Louis Bacon seems like the best reason to be rejected that I could think of.
But shouldn’t that be a reason for you to join the Stock Navigator program? To get Louis Bacon type results?
Louis Bacon won’t take you as a client but you can still join the Stock Navigator program Down the road I will stop allowing people to join but I’m not big enough to do that yet.
So click here to learn more and apply!
You can’t have Louis Bacon but you can have me!
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Good Bacon trading,
Courtney Smith