How To Play The END of Bear Markets

How To Play The END of Bear Markets
Photo by Thomas Lefebvre / Unsplash

I told you a year ago that there would be a bear market and here we are.
But now, we are closer to the end of the bear market than the beginning. Now is the time to start to think about how do we get long to make massive money in the coming bull market.
Bear markets for whole markets usually make a V bottom which is difficult to play. Is the sharp rise just a retracement in a bear market or the beginning of a new bull market?
Fortunately, this is not that difficult to figure out. I use the following techniques:
• Asset allocation models
• Seasonality
• Sentiment analysis
• Technical analysis
The best approach is to combine all them. It is quite possible that one of them may signal a new bull market but the other three say no. You might get sucked into a sucker rally and get slammed. But using all three reduces dramatically the potential for a false signal.
I use what I call weight of evidence. I do whatever the majority of the indicators tell me what to do.
For example, my asset allocation models will often signal a new bull market months in advance. But I can’t buy yet because the technicals have not turned bullish yet. The weight of evidence has yet to turn bullish.
So I keep close watch on the the other factors to tell me when to buy. I psychologically set my mind to buy mode!
I teach my techniques in our unique course, How To Make Money In Bear Markets. I show you how to know when the market will turn from bullish to bear and back again.
This single decision can dramatically change your profitability because you can not only sidestep bear markets but also profit from them.
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