How To Profit From Stagflation, Introduction

How To Profit From Stagflation, Introduction
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I am going to be serializing my next book, How To Profit From Stagflation to premium and Super premium members. This introduction is for everyone. But the cheapest way to get the book is to become a premium member! So signup now! Just $5!

I am going to reveal what the coming two years are going to bring and how to profit from it.

It’s not going to be pretty. Stagflation is a sinking morass of an economy. It  doesn’t have the drama of a crash like we had in 1987. It doesn’t have the headlines that a depression or recession has.

But it nevertheless destroys a huge amount of the wealth of the American public. It steals money in the middle of the night, quietly raising taxes and destroying the purchasing power of you and I. It is like an insidious cancer. Slowly, slowly eating away from the inside of the American economy.

At the same time, stagflation often leads to a recession where people’s jobs disappear and their homes are taken away.

This book will:
diagnose the problem
show you how we got into this mess
how we can get out of it
how you can protect yourself
how you can make money from the current stagflation.

This is one of those books that I never want to write. I’d rather be writing about how to make money in a major bull market. I’d rather be teaching at Wealthbuilder or writing my Wall Street Winners newsletter. That’s a lot of fun.

But this economic mess is so important to the wealth of you and other Americans that I felt forced to write this book.

Good Trading,

Courtney Smith