I watched him make $20 million swing trading

I watched him make $20 million swing trading
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

I was hired to coach one of the greatest traders of all time.
I sat next to him every day for 18 months.
He was uncanny. He would buy a dip in the market and the market would go higher. He would sell a rally in the market and the market would go lower. He would relentlessly make money from short term swings in the market.
At the time, I was mainly a long term position trader. My strength was identifying big trends and riding them for big money.
But not as much as he was making!
Part of the reason he hired me was to help him on the big trends. But he didn’t want to ride the big trend. He wanted to ride the waves within the big trend. In other words, he wanted to swing trade in the direction of the big trend and make even more money!
He would buy the dip in the big bull market and then sell the subsequent rally and get out. I usually bought the breakout after the dip so he usually got in at a better price than I did. Then he would sell the rally while I would hang on for the big move. But we would be positioning himself to buy the next dip.
So, he was effectively swing trading the big trend which is the best way to squeeze out the maximum profit from a big trend.
So I started studying him to learn what he was doing.
He was a very intuitive trader and you can’t learn intuition so I developed rules to come up with roughly the same trades that he did.
One of those techniques I call Boing Boing. It is based on what I learned from him but it is all rule driven. No intuition.
I’ve put together a free training video about this technique so you can roughly see what he was doing. Hey, I watched him make $20 million dollars in one year doing roughly the same thing as I teach in the video!
Click here to watch it now. I’m going to take it down soon.
Good $20 million trading,
Courtney Smith