Kiyosaki will be right ...eventually

I read today that Robert Kiyosaki is recommending buying bitcoin.

That is making me more comfortable being short bitcoin.

I really like his books on personal finance and believe everyone should read them. I've been on stage with him a few times in global arenas.

But he is a doom and gloomer. He has been wrong for years. You have all seen the commercials where he touts that silver has a long way to go on the upside.

Eventually these picks will be right. But being wrong for years and then eventually being right means you are a loser as a investor.

The problem is that his doom and gloom and absurd predictions make him money but cost his fans money. He should be looking out for their wellfare.

Please, Mr. Kiyosaki, stick to personal finance where you are a master. Leave to the investing to the professionals.