Long haired hippy turns profitable trader

Long haired hippy turns profitable trader
Courtney in early 1970s

Yes, it’s true. I was a long haired hippy. Volkswagen van. Lived in a big house with other hippies. Totally peace, love, and good vibes.
But I was different.
First, I was only one of three people out of 45 with a job!
Second, I was married with a child.
Third, I was trading. Quick, name a hippy you know who was trading in the 1960s! Oh, you probably don’t know any hippies any more.
I mentioned in my last email to you about how I read Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader and it changed my life. It was so filled with wisdom and insight.
It gave me the deeper understanding of trading. That helped me get through the inevitable learning pains as I went through my career. I understood trading from a deeper level and was not confused but the minutiae of daily trading.
Having perspective completely changes how you learn to trade and, in fact, how you trade.
It is invaluable.
I’ve tried to create the same perspective in my new book, Viewpoints of a Trader, which is available now!
Click here to learn more about this totally unique book!
Good trading,
Courtney Smith