Massive Market Distortion Ended!

Massive Market Distortion Ended!

You Don't Have To Pay To Save Money Anymore!

The hysterically wrong central bank experiment is over.

About 14 years ago central banks decided to experiment with your money. Of course, they did it for you. To help you.

They decided to turn everything on its head. They decided that up should be down and black should be white.

They decided to charge you to save money and give you money when you borrow it. This is the essence of the negative yield experiment that just ended when Japan, the drunkest sailor of a ship full of drunken sailor central banks decided to end the experiment. We now have no negative yields anywhere in the world.

In 2021, negative yields totaled about $20 trillion! That is a huge experiment! Now, zero.

Central banks would say that the experiment worked because they were able to save the world from the collapse of the financial system in 2008 and 2020. Whew!

Wait! Their previous insane easing caused both of those monetary crises! So they create massive monetary easing then slam on the breaks causing the recessions of 2008 and 2020 and are doing it again right now!

They run monetary policy like a roller coaster. They apparently can't just let money grow nice and slowly.

Charging people to save money! Glad that insane experiment is over.

Charging people to save money?! I thought saving was supposed to be a good thing for the saver and the economy but many central banks said: sucker! and the punised them.

They particularly punished people who had saved all their lives and were retired.

But one good thing! Their hysterical monetary policies cause massive swings in markets and helps me make money in the markets!

Thanks guys!