Test Your Stock Market Knowledge!

Test Your Stock Market Knowledge!
Photo by Nimisha Mekala / Unsplash

Q1: What is the name of the agreement that marked the beginning of the stock market in New York in 1792? A) The Wall Street Agreement B) The Buttonwood Agreement C) The Federal Reserve Agreement D) The Hamilton Agreement

Q2: What is the largest stock exchange in the world, in terms of market capitalization (the total value of all listed companies)? A) New York Stock Exchange B) Tokyo Stock Exchange C) NASDAQ D) Bombay Stock Exchange

Q3: What is the term for a prolonged period of rising stock prices and investor optimism? A) Bull market B) Bear market C) Lion market D) Wolf market

Q4: What is the name of the index that tracks 30 large and well-known U.S. companies? A) S&P 500 B) NASDAQ Composite C) Dow Jones Industrial Average D) Russell 2000

Q5: What is the term for a type of investment that represents a share of ownership in a company or a fund? A) Bond B) Stock C) Option D) Future

I hope you enjoy this quiz and learn something new about the stock market.😊

I'll add the correct answers on this post tomorrow. Come back then to find out how you did!

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