“The bulls take the stairs and the bears take the elevator”

“The bulls take the stairs and the bears take the elevator”
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

One of the big advantages of a bear market is that you can make money quicker. Bear markets last only about 25% to 35% as long as bull markets. They tend to be short and sharp.
Yet most people don’t like bear markets. They try to just lose as little as possible.
But they are actually great times to make money. Your annualized returns can be larger than during bear markets. You might make 20% in six months for a 40% annualized return when the same profit in a bull market will likely take a full year. So double the annualized profit!
My first bear market was the vicious bear market of 1973-4 when the market lost 50%. I’ve looked forward to them ever since.
I’ve taken my experiences from over 50 years of trading bear markets and put it into the only course of its kind, How To Make Money Trading Bear Markets.
You can learn
• How to predict bear markets
• How to profit from them
• How to know when they are over
This unique class will give you the knowledge to make money in bear market.
Why not make money when they hit?
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Good bear trading,
Courtney Smith