The Russians Won

The Russians Won

Contrary to the Western media reports, it appears that the Russians won the Ukraine/Russia War. Let me explain.

The Russians have consistently said that their goal was to protect the Russian speaking and loving people in the eastern part of Ukraine. They claim that these people are Russians historically not Ukrainians and want to merge with Russian and don't want to be part of Ukraine.

In particular, Ukraine has been bombing the eastern part for 8 years and the Russians say they invaded to protect these people.

The chart above, from Bloomberg, shows that they invaded all across the east and north of Ukraine. Did they invade the north to actually take back over all of Ukraine or just as a way to put pressure on Ukrainians to allow the Russians to take over the eastern provinces? I don't know.

But, as the war developed, the Russians were beaten back from the north and north east but have retained the east.

Basically, they now control the eastern provinces which they claim was their objective from the very beginning. In other words, they have achieved their objective.

Which is another way of saying they won the far.

So what does this mean and what will now happen now that the Russians "have won the war"?

Frankly, I think that both the Rusian and Ukrainian governments lie. So we can't trust either of them.

So the Russians might have been lying in the beginning when they said they just wanted to protect the eastern provinces and that was just an excuse to take over all of Ukraine.

We should be able to test their truthfulness soon. If they were telling the truth, they should sue for peace but claim the eastern provinces. Perhaps have a bogus referendum which says the eastern provinces want to reunite with Mother Russia.

Would the Ukrainians accept peace and give up the east? I'm not sure. The war is devastating to the Ukrainian people but sort of good for the Ukrainian government. We know for a fact that Zelensky has hid away massive amounts of money in tax and money havens and we know that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on Earth but we don't know if any of the tens of billions of dollars that has been sent to Ukraine from Nato countries is being siphoned off by corrupt government officials.

So how do we make money from this? I must admit I feel queazy trying to make money from a way but I guess investin in defense companies in the US and Europe and buying Blackstone would be a few ways to make money from it. I'll pass.