They begged me to keep going!

But I didn’t. Enough is enough.
I taught the Kelly Formula for trading futures and forex about 10 years ago. But then I did something totally stunning. I traded it live in front of people!
Everyday, I would post to a special password protected blog my trades for the day. I started the account with $10,000 and did the trades in the real world. That way, the track record was visible and could not be a phony track record.
(So many track records on the internet are fake. Drives me nuts.)
So every day, I would post my trades and report on the results of the trade.
I ran the account up to $79,600 and then stopped the blog. I had proved the point.
So that is a tremendous return in a short time.
However, there were several periods where I lost 35% of my equity! So it wasn’t an easy run. But that type of drop is to be expected so I didn’t freak out because I knew it was coming!
Still almost 800% return in a short period of time is excellent. Not as good as Larry Williams’ 11,000% but he traded longer and used more aggressive rules than I did.
In fact, I didn’t use a full Kelly Formula. I cut it down to a fraction of a Kelly.
One of the most important decisions you must make when using the Kelly Formula is if you should use a full Kelly bet or a fractional bet.
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Now, most people shouldn’t use the full Kelly.
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