Truss being stabbed in back. Britain bleeds...

Truss being stabbed in back. Britain bleeds...

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss got elected on a platform of pro-growth policies largely centered on tax cuts to individuals and companies. But Tory back benchers, not the Labor Party, are stabbing her in the back.

She is now backing off tax cuts to the rich even though it would have done little in terms of lost revenue.

So far, Tory backbenchers are resisting her and wanting her to follow in the footsteps of progressive Boris Johnson whose foots led him into quicksand.

Liz' policies would have the affect of boosting the economy in Britain and help it survice the current recession.

I still think what she is doing will help the economy next year. That should make the UK economy stronger than the US economy and therefore there is a good chance that British stocks and the British Pound will shock the world and outperform most economies, stock markets, and currencies.