Who should use Extreme Profits?

I know it sounds kinda weird, but I can’t tell you precisely! But I can give you some general guidelines.
Extreme Profits gives you the ability to make life changing profits. Truly. You can change your life dramatically if you do it right.
But the downdrafts in your equity can be shocking also.
So here are some ideas of who should consider using Extreme Profits:
• Young people. Young people usually don’t have a lot of money to invest. And, if they lose all their money, they have plenty of time to get it back. An old person may not have a lot of money but they don’t have as long to get the money back if they lose it.
• Young people. They have the chance to make a fortune at a young age. C’mon, man! Go for it!
• Well off people. I’m not suggesting that well off people should put all their money into Extreme Profits. But they can easily allocate a small percentage, say 10%, of their trading capital to Extreme Profits and really jack up their performance but shouldn’t really care if they lose some portion of the 10% allocated to Extreme Profits.
Those three groups are perfect for Extreme Profits. There are other people who are in a situation where they should consider it as well.
But the main thing is that Extreme Profits is NOT for everyone.
I’ve outlined the basic formula for creating Extreme Profits in past articles. But the best way to learn everything about Extreme Profits and the Kelly Formula in stock trading is in our Wealthbuilder Insider membership program.
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